What I’ve learned and the life around it?

How is JavaScript different from CSS? In what ways? How are they similar?

The main difference between Javascript and CSS is that javascript makes the page interactive and not just responsive. If you want to click a button, all though CSS is responsible for the rules that will change the design and layout of the page, it’s javascript who runs functions to allow certain actions to be invoked based on certain events done by the user. They are similar because they both bring life to the page and they both can manipulate the DOM based on certain rules and functions.

How do you map the many different DOM methods and properties in your mind? How would you describe them to a non-developer?

In my head I like to map the Dom like an upside down tree. Each element has their own offspring or branches. You then access those element and child elements by using attributes such as classes and id’s. Then with those properties, you can use CSS or Javascript to change the structor or design of the page, and even had hidden elements. To a non-developer i’d describe them as words/rules for the computer that ignite actions onto the page.

What do you find surprising about coding so far? Do you find anything easy? What? Why?

What I find most surprising so far is how simple it is can be once you understand the basics. Of course, functions and building events can become very complex but from a very simplistic standpoint, applications are just a set of 100s or 1000s of instructions by the developer that just act off of one another.

What’s difficult about coding for you? Why?

The most difficult parts about coding are the naming of functions, variables and css selectors, and the building of instructions in Javascript. Of course once you understand that Javascript should be built like a chain reaction it gets a tad bit easier, but none the less coming up with names, that don’t overlap one another or but also works together without breaking another function.

What’s cool about event listeners? Why are they useful and what more would you like to learn about them?

The coolest part of course is they turn a websites that’s really nothing more than a giant art project, into an actual web app experiment that the user an interact with. I’d like to continue to learn how to simplify my code and get in a good rhythm of making really cool designs that work OnScroll and also on a timer. The (setTimeout) method is currently one of my favorites to work with.

Why are you motivated? Why are you in this class?

I’m motivated simply because I can make cool things and change someones life all by application. If someone has a problem, or difficulty and I can make an application that makes their life easier, or brings them better business etc, it would make me really proud to know I have an impact in someones life. This is also the reason why I’m in the class, I want to make a lasting difference in people’s lives with more than just kind words. I want to build things, and what a better way to do it than be taught first hand by developers and sit along side future developers and learn techniques and skills that I may not have come across simply learning on my own. I thing that this class will have a huge impact on my development as a developer.

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